What Game Devs Are Saying

About AstoundSound

Carl Wakeland

"I’ve not met one person who hasn’t been blown away by the quality of their methods."

~Carl Wakeland, Fellow at  AMD

Loki Davison

"We’re happy to be on the cutting edge of audio with AstoundSound. We want our rainforest to sound like it’s all around you, and the 3D audio technology from GenAudio helps us to achieve that."

~Loki Davison, Creative Director at Wander The Game

Ed Lima

"I continually forgot I was listening with headphones. It’s a perfectly tuned 360 degree listening environment. This is what I’ve been waiting for…"

~Ed Lima, Sound Designer on Doom 3

Cliff Bleszinski

"...“AstoundSound” is some *crazy* audio tech we got to check out at GDC. True 3D sound, at last – almost creepy."

~Cliff Bleszinski, Founder and CEO at Boss Key (Tweet from Cliffy B)