AstoundSound® Technology

Cutting edge technology providing a superior 3D audio solution!

Static 3D audio processing is a technology that delivers to the listener an auditory localization experience that places the listener in the center of a virtual sphere, where sounds appears to emanate from given, fixed points on the sphere. Coordinates in azimuth, elevation and distance define spherical points. Dynamic 3D audio places the listener in the same virtual soundscape, except the listener perceives sounds to move around and throughout the spherical space. 

Rather than pursuing standard dummy-head based binaural audio techniques, the initial research began by attempting to answer two questions, “How does the human brain process audio information?” and “How does the human brain determine where sounds are coming from?” Addressing these questions led to research using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The deciphering of time dependence and k- space image data eventually led to the creation of AstoundSound BRTF digital filters. When these filters are applied using audio digital signal processing (DSP) techniques, the result is the true- to-life, “in the space” auditory experience described.The technology is realized through C-based software that uses digital signal processing (DSP) and proprietary digital filters to enable the psychoacoustic effect.

AstoundSound is realized through several product lines. Our flagship product, 3D Real Time Interface (RTI), enables the listener to perceive multiple mono sound sources independently moving and accelerating along virtual paths in 3D space, by continual changes to azimuth, elevation and distance location parameter values. Integrating real time based applications with the ability to map multiple sounds to positions in space over time, provides a true-to-life, “in the space” auditory experience.

AstoundSound product lines also address static stereo expansion, enhanced multi-channel virtualization, and multi-channel fold-down to 2- channel (stereo) audio. 

Based on Brain Research

Based on 20+ years of MRI neuro-audio research and numerical analysis, GenAudio has created a highly accurate and true to life 3D audio digital filter technology called AstoundSound®.

360º Audio Experience

This cutting-edge technology provides games the ability to control sound movement in real-time, providing a realistic 3D sound field by placing and moving sounds all around the listener, in all three dimensions.

Multiple Engine Support

AstoundSound 3D audio solutions support leading audio engine solutions: FMOD and Wwise. In addition, AstoundSound is available for Unity and Unreal (coming soon). No other 3D audio solution supports more engine solutions.

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