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The leading 3D positional audio technology solution for gaming now available on the Unity Asset Storebrain-green-correctionB

LOS ANGELES, November 14, 2014 – Astound Holdings is proud to announce its new suite of gaming plugins are now available on the Unity Asset Store for game developers. The highly immersive AstoundSound 3D spatial audio technology software core powers the plugins with two solutions made available: AstoundSound 3D RTI and AstoundSound Expander available for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms. The plugins provide superior 3D audio spatialization for all types of games (2D and 3D) including VR, First Person Shooters, Third Person, and more.

The 3D audio technology powering AstoundSound goes far beyond Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) which are based only on the anatomy of the ear and skull or traditional dummy head recording devices. The unique psychoacoustic approach used for AstoundSound is based on how the actual human brain perceives sounds, called Brain-Response Transfer Functions (BRTFs). Where conventional HRTFs work only with headphones, BRTFs allow for the most immersive and natural 3D spatial audio experience with headphones AND speakers.

AstoundSound 3D RTI brings true 3D audio spatialization to any sound emitting object. AstoundSound 3D RTI processes any mono source in real-time during gameplay and creates a stereo output spherical sound field experience. For more information about the AstoundSound 3D RTI for Unity plugin please visit the AstoundSound 3D RTI product page on the Unity Asset Store:!/content/24064

AstoundSound Expander greatly enhances pre-mixed stereo background music and ambience tracks to produce an incredibly immersive stereo experience. The AstoundSound Expander plugin can also be used to significantly enhance the master stereo audio output for 2D games. For more information about the AstoundSound Expander for Unity plugin please visit the AstoundSound Expander product page in the Unity Asset Store:!/content/24658

“After enormous demand from game developers worldwide, we are excited to launch our 3D game audio plugins for Unity” said Jerry Mahabub, CEO of Astound Holdings. “AstoundSound has established itself as the leading 3D positional audio technology for the top professional game audio engines. We are very pleased to bring our AstoundSound technology to the indie game development community.”

With AstoundSound, game developers can dramatically enhance their games’ audio soundscape allowing players to hear sound coming from all directions, including height and depth perception. This enables game players to improve their game reaction times and response to enemies/threats by knowing where critical sound cues are coming from during gameplay.

To hear the AstoundSound Gaming plugins in action, be sure to download Deprived, a game environment demo built in Unity3D using the AstoundSound plugins. Deprived is now available as a free download on Google Play:

(iOS version coming soon!)

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With its primary operations based in Los Angeles, CA, Astound Holdings’ mission is to provide a true multidimensional sound solution, called AstoundSound, across the entire spectrum of consumer electronics and game industries.

Based on decades of research on how the brain positions sound in space, AstoundSound is the most accurate and intense multi-dimensional sound localization cue technology available today. The technology works with all DSP based consumer audio equipment capable of stereo audio output, and no special hardware or decoding devices are required. For more information visit

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